Camp -n- Store Program


How it Works:

Just make your standard reservations with us and leave your unit here between reservations......
When you are getting ready to check out, just pack up your unit as if you were going to head home, and we will move it to our storage area.

We will return your unit to your campsite on the morning you are next scheduled to arrive, for you to set up and enjoy,
without the hassle of towing it home. We do not move 5th Wheels.

Storage Fees Are as Follows:

$30.00 Per Week with no Hookups
(with an upcoming camping reservation)

$10.00 Per Day storage only
(with no camping reservation)

  The Details:
Storage fees must be paid for in full, at the time reservation is made or when unit is dropped off.
No Discounts of any kind apply to the storage fee portion of your reservation.
No Refunds will be given on storage fees.
Seven Maples Campground LLC will store your unit within the campground premises.
Seven Maples Campground LLC is not Liable or Responsible for any damages that may occur Due to "Acts of Nature" or from storage and or moving said unit.

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